Adata Ultimate su650 vs. Sandisk SSD Plus – Which is the more reliable external SSD?


A portable external SSD has several benefits over a portable HDD. For beginners, they are much faster and more compact sized than HDDs. Adata Ultimate SU650 and Sandisk SSD Plus are some of the best solid-state drives in the market. Let us find out why…

If you need massive storage for your local data, such as music, high-quality videos, and pictures, as well as movies you may carry around with you, a portable external Solid-State Drive is what you need. In recent years, external SSDs have become increasingly popular due to their fast performance and ultimate capacity.

With numerous external Solid-State Drive brands available in the market, this guide has narrowed it down to Adata and Sandisk SSD. These two brands offer premium quality SSDs that feature several unique features. Adata is well-rated for its sleek design, while Sandisk SSD features a practical and compact design, ideal for hikers and adventurous people. It is also budget-friendly. Let us look into an overview of both SSDs and discover which is more reliable than the other.

What are the differences between the Adata Ultimate SU650 and Sandisk SSD Plus?

Model name
Adata Ultimate SU650
Sandisk SSD Plus
Design and capacity
A 7mm thick drive with a 2.5mm spacer is available in three capacity points: 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB
7mm drive with a 2.5 –inch standard internal drive that is available in multiple sizes, including 120GB, 240GB, 480GB, 960GB, 1TB, and 2TB
Flash memory and controller
TLC 3D V-NAND memory and a Maxio MAS09024-B2C controller
19nm Sandisk eX2 ABL MLC NAND and a Marvel SS889175 controller
Sequential read and write speed of 520Mbps and 450Mbps, respectively
Sequential read and write speeds of 530Mbps and 440Mbps, respectively

Adata Ultimate SU650 vs. Sandisk SSD Plus –How do they compare?

Design and capacity

Adata has dedicated itself to continuously rebranding itself and its products to achieve a more modern design while still staying true to Adata’s traditional corporate identity of being a leading industry innovator. It is highly responsive to its consumer demands and the market without compromising the true dynamic and existing nature of Adata’s brand. For instance, the Adata Ultimate SU650 comes in a flashy and somewhat lavish box with a reflective surface that easily stands out. The box comes with the drive itself, a service leaflet, a 3-year limited warranty, and a 2.5mm plastic spacer for use in laptops with 9.5mm driver bays. The drive is a lightweight 2.5-inch SSD with a colorful sticker sheet on its top, while its flipside contains another sticker sheet with the device’s certifications, warranty codes, and serial number. The drive is available in three sizes; 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB.

Sandisk is a well-rated external SSD that is known to deliver high-performance drives. The Sandisk SSD Plus is available in multiple capacity points, including 120GB, 240GB, 480GB, 960GB, 1TB, and 2TB, ideal for storing vast amounts of data, thus, increasing the performance of your device. It is a 7mm thick drive with the standard 2.5-inch standard internal drive and features a premium finish. Its framing can add another 2.5mm to its thickness, allowing you to use it on devices that use a standard 9.5mm internal drive. Its box arrives with the drive itself, a user manual, and a 3-year warranty card.

Sandisk SSD Plus has a more sleek design and is available in more capacity points than the Adata Ultimate SU650.

Flash memory and controller

Adata delivers premium quality external SSDs with top tier components. Similarly, the Adata SU650 features TLC 3D V-NAND flash memory and Maxio MAS09024-B2C controller, which offers exceptional efficiency and increased reliability in all its storage capacity points. Its flash memory does not produce annoying noises or high temperatures, and consumes very little power, without compromising the security of your data. The drive also contains an intelligent SLC caching algorithm that allows the NAND memory to operate in single-level cell mode, resulting in boosted performance.

The Sandisk SSD Plus uses their own 19nm MLC NAND flash memory and a Marvel SS889175 ‘Dean’ controller, which is perfect for regular SATA standards and SSD. The controller supports the SATA III interface (6Gbps), but the drive is also compatible with SATA II and the original SATA. The 19nm Sandisk eX2 ABL MLC NAND flash memory is a multiple-layer cell memory, popular among consumer-grade external SSDs. With this type of memory, the drive allows small portions of work in single-layer cell mode, like that in enterprise-grade external SSD. As such, this drive is a consumer-grade SSD with the potential to provide the experience of an enterprise-grade SSD.

Adata Ultimate SU650, therefore, has a better flash memory and controller as it is cheaper to manufacture and triples the capacity of its cells as compared to that in Sandisk SSD Plus, which doubles the amount of bits per cell.


Both brands are known to deliver high file transfer speeds of vast amounts of data. In particular, Adata is known to deliver reliable SSDs with a reasonable price to performance ratio. The Adata SU650 offers increased and reliable performance due to its intelligent SLC caching algorithm and unique NAND memory. It sustains a sequential read and write speed of 520Mbps and 450Mbps, respectively. As such, you can easily experience faster and smoother downloads, boot, and file transfers.

On the other hand, the Sandisk SSD Plus contains software, known as the Sandisk SSD Dashboard that includes SLC caching, which contributes to improved read and write performance of up to 530Mbps 440Mbps, respectively. As such, it makes daily workloads, like browsing, gaming, video playing, and office tasks, on your existing device to work faster.

The Sandisk SSD Plus is, therefore, a better performer because of its faster sequential read and write speeds of up to 530Mbps and 440Mbps, respectively.

Adata Ultimate SU650 vs. Sandisk SSD Plus–A comparison review

Adata Ultimate SU650

Founded in 2001, Adata has quickly become on e of the leading SSD manufacturers in the market. As such, Adata Technologies Co. has become the leading memory brand with the highest number of rewards for its innovative product designs.

The brand’s products feature technical expertise and state-of-the-art innovations as seen in the Adata Ultimate SU650. Available in three storage points of 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB, this drive contains TLC 3D V-NAND flash memory and Maxio controller for speedy performance. It offers reliable read and write performance of 520Mbps and 450Mbps, which is excellent for file transfers, downloads, and browsing.

This SSD has no mechanical component inside it, ensuring a higher resistance to vibration, shock, and higher temperatures than the traditional HDDs. The drive consumes very minimal power and is entirely silent. The drive also supports error correction code technology that can detect and fix errors to aid in extending the SSD lifespan while ensuring data integrity.

Adata allows its SSD users qualify for free downloads from the Adata SSD Toolbox and Migration Utility, which allows users to manage and monitor the drive status and lifespan information, upon purchasing their solid-state drives. Its Migration Utility software helps users move from HDD to SSD smoother and quicker. More so, their drives are easily compatible with consoles, ultrabooks, and desktops.


  • Reasonable performance
  • Excellent price to performance ratio
  • Silent performance
  • Operates in extremely low temperatures and consumes very little power
  • Durable build quality
  • Shock-proof and resistance to vibrations
  • Comes with bundled software
  • Available in three capacity points


  • Limited storage options


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Sandisk SSD Plus

Sandisk is a reputable brand for flash memory products from Western Digital, as acquired in 2016. Its solid state storage devices deliver fast performance and improved speeds than many of its competitors. The brand also has several budget-friendly options that do not compromise their increased performance and durable build and design.

If you are looking for a trusted drive that is reliable and fast, the Sandisk SSD Plus is a perfect option. The drive offers fast speeds for shutdowns, boot-ups, and data and file transfers, making your current device operate as a brand new one. With a sequential read and write speed of 530Mbps and 440Mbps, this drive offers reliable performance and is exceptionally more efficient, cooler, and quieter than many of its competing hard drives. As a result, it will increase the overall performance and battery time of your device.

The drive features a 19nm Sandisk MLC NAND and a Marvel controller, which provides for a DRAM-less design, lowering production costs. The brand’s SSDs also come with downloadable cloning software, Sandisk SSD Dashboard. With the help of this software, which is explicitly for Microsoft Windows, you can analyze and manage your data on any connected devices. The software also offers SLC caching for improved read and write performance to increase the speed of your daily workloads, such as browsing, games and video playing, as well as office tasks.


  • Impressive performance
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Easy to install and use
  • Comes with bundled software


  • Unreliable performance


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This article has given an overview of Adata and Sandisk SSD. They are both all-around good quality external SSDs that can meet all your storage needs. For Sandisk SSD Plus, it is quite affordable, and the setup process is quick and painless. Adata SU650 also has its quality features like its fast performance and lavish build quality.

Final verdict: So, which is better between Adata Ultimate SU650 and Sandisk SSD Plus?

Both Adata and Sandisk SSD are premium quality portable external SSDs with several similarities. For instance, they both have a 3-year warranty card in the package box, and both use NAND flash memory for better performance speeds.

However, when it comes down to it, Sandisk SSD Plus offers a better device due to its increased storage space and faster performance. It also provides a versatile drive that can compete with enterprise-grade SSDs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update my Adata SSD firmware?

Go to the ADATA website and find your corresponding product model. Download the firmware version required and decompress it once downloaded. Find the program named ‘ADATA_SF_FIELDUPDATER’ and open it to begin the firmware update.

Is the Sandisk SSD Plus a reliable SSD?

The Sandisk brand is a reputable brand that delivers premium quality solid-state drives with improved speed and performance. The Sandisk SSD Plus features excellent read and write speed of 530Mbps and 440Mbps, respectively, and comes with downloadable cloning software for easy installation and managing of your data.

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