About Us

The information technology landscape is one major puzzle, and many people are unwilling to go through the process of putting the puzzle pieces together to find a solution for their digital devices and would prefer a tailor-made solution. Well because of the above, there has been created an economic gap where people now major in finding tailor-made solutions as concerns the PCs and MAC computers, storage devices, and software.

And for as much as we may want to solve our IT problems it does save time and resources to find people who are experts in the area, which consequently helps avoid a lot of guesswork. Offering solutions for your digital problems is a niche that Data Storage Guide, has specialized in; besides you must have noticed that almost everything in the 21st century runs through a computer, which then calls for the machines to be equipped with huge storage spaces, while also offering privacy.

Computer storage and storage devices are not a very complex topic; the problem, however, is matching your needs to the capacity of your laptop or PC. To which end you might need to upgrade your storage or find alternative storage for your growing data, if you find the above information overwhelming then you are in the right place because Data Storage Guide, will provide you with solutions to most of your digital problems.

When it comes to storage, it is common knowledge that SSD stacks up better than HHD and that is why we compiled an extensive review to help you select the best SSD storage device that will match your needs reliably and seamlessly. There are many brand companies that produce these devices but the problem comes in when you have to pick one that will complement your needs.

Well, fret not because at Data Storage Guide, we have compiled all the necessary information to help you make a wise choice concerning your device’s storage needs. Also provided is information on data management when it comes to recovery, loss of data can happen in several ways, either through deletion, reformatting or through a virus attack. On the flip side, however, there are those individuals who wouldn’t want to leave a trace of their sensitive information in the digital devices.

So whatever your needs, Data Storage Guide has got the answers to your problems and will provide you with a data recovery software, that comes in premium packages, some of which can be extended to your customers. A data Erasure software is also available for those who want to keep sensitive information away from prying or the public eyes.